Led therapy what are the advantages

Led therapy

LED therapy is an aesthetic medicine treatment that uses cold, colored light that is part of a photobiomodulation system, unlike lasers that use hot light. The lights used in LED therapy stimulate cell renewal as well as the fibroblasts that produce collagen while developing tissue oxygenation.

There are different colored lights as part of LED therapy:

– red: ideal for treating inflammation, stimulating blood circulation, tightening skin pores

– yellow: ideal for acting on the reconstruction of tissues such as the synthesis of collagen and skin elasticity and smoothing the skin

– blue: ideal for treating inflammation and infections, especially in the case of inflammatory acne thanks to its antibacterial and purifying action while promoting the healing of the skin

LED therapy uses the synergy that exists between these different colors to treat different skin problems, in particular by using the duo of red light and yellow light or blue and red light.


LED therapy is an aesthetic medicine treatment that can treat certain skin problems on all areas of the face and body according to the colors chosen for people with:

  • inflammatory acne
  • herpes (red and blue light)
  • minor wounds and burns
  • hair loss (red light and yellow light can be combined with hair transplantation to maximize results)
  • post – operative scars (approximately 5 sessions of LED therapy helping with healing, which can be combined with Urgotouch )
  • a dull and lackluster complexion looking for a “healthy glow” effect to boost cell renewal

Good to know: acne scars can be considerably reduced by LED therapy, suitable peels , lifting of scars with hyaluronic acid or even micro- lipostructure techniques .


An LED therapy session with Doctor Pelletier takes place quite simply: you place yourself under a device in the form of a panel equipped with small bulbs, here LEDs. It is placed as close as possible to the area to be treated to guarantee the best possible results without ever touching the skin directly.

Good to know: if it is an area located at the level of the face, wearing glasses is mandatory.

The average duration of an LED therapy session is approximately 15 minutes. One of the benefits of LED therapy is that there is no heat or tingling sensation.

Contrary to popular belief, LED therapy is in no way harmful and does not contain any UV rays, thus avoiding any risk of burns.


Doctor Pelletier recommends following 5 to 10 LED therapy sessions most often to achieve good results and act correctly on the skin of the area concerned.

 There are certain contraindications to LED therapy such as pregnancy, melanoma, lupus, porphyria or even young children.

LED therapy helps to improve the quality of the skin, its tone and its elasticity thanks to the stimulation of collagen fibers. It is a simple and safe way to treat the most common skin problems such as inflammatory acne, herpes or even hair loss.

The improvement in the quality of the skin is a gradual process that takes place over time and appears after about 3 months but is quite fast for the treatment of post-operative scars (about 15 days for a significant improvement for breast surgery ).


The major advantage of LED therapy is that there is no post-intervention sequel. It is a non-invasive treatment and does not require social eviction or special treatment. You can immediately resume your activities and go about your business.

 Interested in LED therapy? Contact the office and make an appointment with Doctor Pelletier who will be able to advise and accompany you.

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