The dissociated diet

The dissociated diet

Advantage: We do not deprive ourselves of anything. The dissociated diet is based on the principle that it is not the foods in themselves that make you fat, but the way in which they are combined. So we eat everything we like (or almost)… but in turn.

The risks of deficiencies are quite significant, especially in the case of a dissociated diet which involves eating only one family of foods per day.

The Dukan Diet

Advantage: If you love meat, this diet is for you! In the attack phase, we eat only proteins, and this, at will. We then reintroduce the rest gradually, but the proteins remain central.

Disadvantages: This diet is absolutely not suitable for vegetarians, that goes without saying… Moreover, the attack phase, focused on proteins, can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The Alkaline Diet

Advantage: The principle of the Alkaline Diet is simple, since it consists of removing from your diet everything that is acidifying or likely to become so during cooking.

Disadvantage: If the idea is simple, this diet still requires good knowledge of nutrition to navigate: did you know that carrots and eggplant are considered acidifying foods?

The Weight Watchers diet

Advantage: You can eat whatever you like… provided you compensate with exercise or restrictions on the following days. An ideal slimming program if you don’t want to give up all social life and be able to afford a restaurant from time to time.

Disadvantage: Weight loss is slower than with most other diets.

The DASH Diet

Rich in plants and inspired by vegetarian food, this diet of course makes you lose weight, but it also helps to fight against hypertension.

The implementation is a bit tedious, since it is necessary to count its “portions” (of proteins, vegetables, etc.).

The Tahiti diet

 Based on the Polynesian diet, this diet would allow you to lose 2 to 3 kilos in just 4 days by returning to simpler food.

It cannot be followed over the long term, because too few foods are allowed.

The gluten-free diet

The principle is simple: remove from your diet everything made from wheat, barley or rye… Goodbye bread, pasta and pizza! This allows our intestines to breathe and lose a little weight.

Be careful not to give in to the temptation of products prepared without gluten, not necessarily lighter or healthier than those they replace!

fat burning soup

This diet is very simple to follow. You prepare a large quantity of cabbage-based soup, which you accompany with the foods authorized that day. Weight loss is very fast.

This method is very restrictive, and therefore difficult to follow: it is necessary to follow this diet in good conditions to hold on. In addition, as weight loss is very important, we risk regaining our pounds as dry.

The Miami Diet

 It allows rapid weight loss. Moreover, in the stabilization phase, it simply resembles a classic balanced diet.

The carb restriction at the beginning (no bread, no fruit, no potatoes, etc.) can be difficult to manage.

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