CBD oil In pharmacy or online?

CBD oil In pharmacy

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. Hemp can produce over 100 different cannabinoids, the best known being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for its intoxicating effects. CBD, on the other hand, has no narcotic effect.

While research on the therapeutic properties of THC is very advanced, that on cannabidiol (CBD) is only in its infancy. Nevertheless, this one is already promising. Thus, CBD is attributed, among other things, with antiepileptic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and calming effects . In addition, CBD would be able to influence pain sensation.

When scientists study the effects of THC and CBD, they use standardized pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts or synthetic cannabinoids. In studies, it is important to always use the same active substance in order to be able to compare the results and to deduce the possible therapeutic potential.

CBD products: Quality may vary by supplier

In over-the-counter products, CBD is extracted from hemp, or more specifically useful hemp, and not from high-THC cannabis strains. Commercial hemp produces only very low amounts of THC and a slightly higher proportion of CBD.

Since there is no standardized process for making CBD products such as CBD oils, and growers are not required to grow hemp under strictly controlled conditions, product quality may vary. considerably.

What products are available?

The range of CBD products and their form of presentation are continuously expanding. The following products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are available, among others:

CBD extract dissolved in a carrier oil, such as hemp oil, sunflower seed oil or MCT oil – the typical CBD oil.

  • CBD capsules with CBD isolate or CBD oil
  • CBD drops (water soluble)
  • CBD spray
  • CBD cosmetics (e.g. creams, serums or massage oil)
  • Foods containing CBD (e.g. CBD gummies or CBD gummies)
  • CBD oil: Quality differences according to the manufacturers

Not all CBD oils are created equal. The quality of a product depends on various factors, such as:

The raw material: manufacturers are required to grow a variety of hemp that comes from the EU variety catalog, so that the THC limit values ​​are respected. However, as the cultivation of hemp is not strictly regulated, some producers use, for example, fertilizers or pesticides. It is therefore generally recommended to choose a product from a manufacturer where the hemp is organically grown.

The extraction process: The most expensive method, but also the softest, is CO2 extraction. Some manufacturers, however, extract the CBD from the hemp plant using a solvent such as alcohol. In this case, there is a risk that solvent residues remain in the CBD oil. This is why a serious manufacturer, who attaches great importance to quality, provides its customers with analyzes carried out by an independent laboratory.

CBD oil in pharmacies: What advantages and disadvantages?

Some pharmacies have now integrated CBD products into their assortment. It should be noted that CBD oil is not a medicine. As a result, it can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription.

However, it is not clear on what criteria the pharmacy chooses a product and offers it to its customers. In other words, just because a CBD product is available in a pharmacy does not automatically mean that it is of good quality.

Expertise is not automatically present in pharmacies

Also, the problem is that most pharmacy employees are unfamiliar with cannabidiol (CBD) or CBD products and just pass on the information they receive from the manufacturer. Since CBD and its therapeutic properties have not yet been sufficiently studied, many pharmacies do not carry products of this type.

It is therefore appropriate to ask what are the advantages of a purchase in a pharmacy. If a pharmacy offers quality CBD products and knows the subject well, personal advice is certainly always an advantage. Good product availability and the absence of long delivery times and shipping costs could be other pluses.

CBD oil for sale in online stores: What advantages and disadvantages?

On the Internet, the offer is much greater than in pharmacies. When searching for CBD products such as oil, capsules, drops or cosmetics, people come across countless suppliers. When purchasing CBD products from online shops, it is therefore recommended to first look at the manufacturer/supplier itself and validate it based on the following questions:

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